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Daddies are hot,
lets party!

This party is for everybody. Especially if you find daddies sexy, cause that's the main focus. Lots of gay spaces value young tight gym bodies above all else, but daddies are beautiful too. Lets celebrate the mature gentleman with his gray hairs and sexy dadbod. DaddyBone features Daddy GoGo dancers and mature-male visuals.

Every party is a bit different

We switch it up with a different theme every party. That theme is reflected in the visuals, decor, dancer's looks, and in the music the DJs play. And when it comes to DJs and Dancers, we try to have a healthy rotation of talent so your experience is somewhat fresh, if not pleasantly musty, each night!

Sex Positive - but not a sex party.

Trust us, we'd allow it if we could. DaddyBone explores many sexy themes and we encourage attendees to take advantage of the clothing check. Express yourself, wear what makes you feel sexy - there's never a dress code. We want others to feel comfortable too, so be mindful of consent, and please drink responsibly.

Fun Dance Floor

Get on the dancefloor and let the DJs take you on a journey. A sexy journey. The music is your vehicle and the nearly-naked men on stage are your guides. Just follow those butts!

What's New?

Its called social media, son. Find photobooth photos via the facebook page and/or follow us on instagram for our favorite shots. We post announcements for future events everywhere!

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